Art for Health 

Art for Health is an umbrella term and includes;
 Artwork Made by Medical Patients – such as a painting session for cardiac patients which may be led by hospital ancillary staff or an artist.
Community Art Projects that develop peoples’ artistic skills and enable them to meet regularly as a group or produce a piece of public art, may be led by a group facilitator or an artist.
Art Therapy – Psychotherapy sessions that are delivered by someone who has completed an MA in Psychotherapy and is a registered psychotherapist.They make use of creative materials and provide a therapeutic environment for this medical treatment. Art Therapy cannot be delivered by anyone else.
Art for Wellbeing which is also an umbrella term! – but does not include Art Therapy. It does include; mindful and expressive creative practise,process based art making, self-led hobbyist art & craft in fact any making if it is being done primarily for the feel-good factor. This can be delivered by anyone with the appropriate skill set – such as Create&Prosper Workshops CIC.

Our theory of change is below:
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