About Us 

Create & Prosper benefits the community by increasing understanding of the Art for well being process and the benefits that brings to individuals.
Create&Prosper Workshops began trading in 2017 and became a CIC in 2019.
Emma the founder and Managing Director has completed
• BA(hons) Fine Art in context (Public and community art, or art for a purpose) in 1999.
• Gained qualified secondary teacher status in 2009
• Completed an Art Therapy foundation diploma at City of Bath College in 2018.
• Holds a clear Enhanced DBS certificate.
” This diploma has given me greater insight into why art works therapeutically, and how to hold a space for a quality group experience.”
Create&Prosper Workshops provides community based workshops designed to enable individuals to gain creative skills, social experiences and personal growth.
Additionally for people who have experienced some life trauma, (including but not limited to; divorce, bereavement, physical or mental illness, long term disability, depression, anxiety, isolation) we offer the time and space for community based self help and connection. In order to see people gently, with kindness, flourish as their authentic selves.
We value working with elderly and geriatric people supporting them to ‘age well’ and retain motor skills.
Please contact us if you have any queries or questions.

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