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January 2020

Blood flow in the medial prefrontal cortex of participants was monitored

Participants completed 3 visual self-expression tasks

1)  colouring a pre-drawn mandala, 

2) personalized doodling,

3) free drawing on a blank sheet of paper.

 All of the tasks produced activation of prefrontal cortical regions, with no statistically significant difference among tasks. 

Self-reporting about self-perception of creativity, which increased for all participants 

The activation of this pathway during art making suggests that practicing art making can have lasting benefits in healthy habit building that combats stress.

Experimental Biology and Medicine

Participants provided saliva samples to assess cortisol levels before and after 45 minutes of art making. 

Participants provided written responses at the end of the session. Results indicate that art making resulted in statistically significant lowering of cortisol levels. 

They found the art-making session to be relaxing, enjoyable, helpful for learning about new aspects of self, freeing from constraints, an evolving process of initial struggle to later resolution, and about flow/losing themselves in the work. 


They also reflected that the session evoked a desire to make art in the future. 

Art Therapy Journal